(Sept. 2) Vol. 6, No. 17

Putting Your Dreams on Hold

I read this article written by Natasha Sapienza this week, and it stirred up a lot of questions within myself, “If I had to put my dream on hold in order to focus on my family and being a wife…could I do it?” I felt compelled to share it with you all.

Don’t worry—you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

Some Wives Need To Stop Pursuing Their Calling

Local news in the area


by Jacqueline S. Sadberry
Editor in Chief

On Saturday, Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. the 10th annual red and white ball was held to award men and women who work within the fire departments in Waller county. The ball is designed to recognize each department’s service and hard work while also noting those women who work behind the scenes. This was occasion was a special one for the Prairie View volunteer fire fighters as their department turned 30.

The PVVFD came into existence when the fire department on Prairie View A&M University’s campus was downsized due to lack of funding in 1982. Prairie View fell into danger of becoming declared an unprotected city by the state; this meant PV’s residents would have to pay higher insurance premiums. The people proactively came together to form their own fire department in 1986. It was comprised of 15 men, two of which were councilmen Elroy Stevenson and Frank Jackson, former mayor of PV.

That same year, a week before Christmas, an apartment fire led to the PVVFD’s first fatality. Sadly, they did not have the proper equipment they needed to attack the fire and rescue the person trapped inside. Since that day, the PVVFD has dedicated themselves to making sure they never had another incident like this again. They enroll in training courses at Texas A&M University, Houston Community College, Lone Star Community College and the City of Houston Fire Service Academy. Jackson stated at the ball that their response time is eight minutes.

Today a lot of those who volunteer are currently attending PVAMU, one is a recent graduate. Michelle Olivas, a sophomore from El Paso, Texas, received the rookie of the year award and was commended for earning top rankings in the state. She is second overall after taking the fireman’s exam. Olivas was very humble and thankful, saying she was “blessed.”

Jackson’s wife, Elaine, hosts this program and she has made it her priority to let each person know how appreciated they are—from those who have small roles within each department to those who help in putting the ball together.

The evening began and ended with prayer, and was concluded with live music and dancing.

We are still raising money to begin construction for our bathroom installation. The total cost of the project is $6000. So far we have risen close to $4000. If you can, please make a donation by going to KTORRadio.com and clicking on the donate button.

Sunday sermons, Wednesday messages

Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016, “Righteousness (Ephesians 6:10-14)
By taking a close look at righteousness, we can see three examples: Job, the three Hebrew boys and the woman with the alabaster box. Each of these instances shows us that we are to remain humble regardless of whatever our circumstance, be thankful and continually give God our absolute best regardless of how little or great it might be, “When you walk in the light, God will bless you and your family, your children and your grand children.”

Scripture shows us that we cannot mishandle others and think that God is going to be fine with it, “A righteous person is patient, humble, has integrity and treats people with respect.” It is very important that www work not to confuse arrogance with righteousness. Satan got to where we he is because he became arrogant; he thought he could be God, and as a result, was cast out of heaven.

To hear Sunday’s sermon in its entirety, go to KTORRadio.com and listen to Sunday Morning Live.

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016, “Don’t Let Problems Lose Your Focus (Romans 6:35-37)

MEMORY VERSE: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?” (Rom. 6:35 KJV)

Every day we live to see, we live to fight again, “Satan bombards, he overwhelms, but… Nothing can separate us from God except ourselves.” We become separated from God when we lose faith. In Romans, the scripture lists everything that could harm us or bring us down, but despite whatever it is, none of them can separate us from the Lord.

“If we’re not careful, we’ll caught up in the suffering… You can’t allow what only you see to hinder you in the Lord.” You might be hurting right now, and the situation seems grave, but none of that changes who God is and we shouldn’t allow it to keep us from moving forward in Him, “We always wait for everything to be perfect before we move instead of just going forward.”

Not even the devil can separate us, “…you get separated because you choose to be.” Just because a lot of bad things are happening/have happened in your life doesn’t mean you stop believing in Him or stop living for Jesus, “Maybe the bad stuff is happening to you so God can prove He’s God in your life.”

God wrote the plan for our lives, He’s already set things into motion; Jesus knows what’s coming up ahead long before we even get to the first hurdle. We have to stop stressing ourselves out over things that are in His control. When storms come up, that is not the time to have a pity party, “Be careful that you don’t start looking for crutches when you’re down.” There is a time and a season for everything, and therefore we must learn to endure through times of hardship, praising Him all the while for molding us and making us into stronger soldiers.

Remember that God always has the final say, “Just when you think you don’t have a chance, God makes a way.” Don’t give up and don’t let temporary circumstances cause you to lose faith.

Poems, shorts and other creative pieces

20 Years
by Propaganda


I watched this poem by Propaganda awhile back and I felt compelled to share it. We as a body need to stand with those who are suffering. As an African American woman, it hurts me greatly when some of my own non-Black brother and sisters choose to not get involved or speak up when issues like these arise. Racism, discrimination and prejudice—all the things going on in the world today are not only going outside the church walls, but in some cases, it also occurs within them. This poem voices so many of my frustrations and I sincerely hope that others will listen with an open mind and come to understand the pain we feel as a people.

20 Years

Events and announcements for September

  • Sept. 12: Sister Jasmine’s Birthday

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