(Sept. 16) Vol. 6, No. 19

Attacking the Root: Commitment


Until you address the heart of the issue, it will continue to affect every aspect of your life:

Attacking the Root: Commitment

Local news in the area

TESTING 1-2-3: TOR Pastor Becomes Voice of KPVU Sports

by Jacqueline S. Sadberry
Editor in Chief


Approximately twenty eight years ago, Michael Prince boarded a plane in St. Louis and flew to Prairie View where he attended Prairie View A&M University. Ministry was the furthest thing from his mind, but as the Lord would have it, Prince would eventually be called to preach. He leads a small congregation at his church Temple of Refuge COGIC and he began using his passion for communications to build up the Kingdom. He started his own radio station Open mic Broadcast Network (OBN) in 2002 and ventured into doing online radio (KTOR.)

Fast forward to 2016, and as of Wednesday, Prince earned himself a contract with PVAMU’s campus radio station KPVU. The very place where it all began for him, “I cut my teeth in radio at KPVU as a student. I first opened up the airwaves in this community that I’ve grown to love…August 19, 1988 and I’ve been in radio since then.”

Being able to be the voice for Panther football and basketball isn’s something he takes lightly, describing the role as important and distinguished, “It’s a very rewarding, gratifying feeling…It’s really and truly a dream come true.” Having this new title will not take away from what he’s doing with OBN however, “We are also still going to be providing Prairie View athletics coverage for the non-revenue sports…” Whether it’s on KPVU or OBN, “…we’re going to [use] the same approach and…due diligence that we’ve provided to the community since 2002.”


The journey itself has been humbling for Prince, “…it has taught me a lot about patience, trusting God [and] endurance,” he said, reflecting on times when he became weary, “I’ll be the first to admit, being as human as I am…there have been some days where I didn’t understand…I wanted to throw in the towel…” but Christ allowed him to “pout” and refocus, going on to say, “If God has spoken something to you…you have to trust the report that God has given you,” adding that it may not all happen in the timeframe you’re looking for, but when God does show up He’s always on time.

Over the years he has worked with different formats (country, gospel, contemporary Christian and straight talk,) and he’s learned that people need to be respected, appreciated and loved. In regards to his expectations coming into the job, Prince is striving for greatness, “I owe it to the gift that God gave me to give Him the very best of my ability of every production that I’m involved in…” He desires to give back to the university through pouring into students he’ll be training, giving them the tools they need to succeed in the industry. Most of all, Prince wishes to show his family “when you love what you do, and you’re doing what you love, it’s never called work.”

His words of advice for anyone pursuing a career in radio or communications are, “Get as much work in as you can. Yes there are limited airwaves, but with all the technology that’s available today, there’s no reason why a person shouldn’t be working on their craft and trying to get better each day… Don’t worry if you don’t have thousands of listens, thousands of followers. Be consistent to the craft…stay humble.” Even at the age of 50, Prince acknowledges he is still learning, “If you stop learning, you stop growing. If you stop growing…you start dying.”

Sunday sermons, Wednesday messages

Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, “God Is Moving (Psalm 121:1-2)”


“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” (Ps. 121:1-2 KJV)

Go to Sunday Morning Live to hear this week’s sermon or listen to previous ones.

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Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016, “The Truth Is My Key (John 8:31-32)”

MEMORY VERSE: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (Jn. 8:31-32 KJV)

To believe in God is only just the start; we become free when we get to know God. Knowing Him is what helps us to continue on; it leaves no room for doubt and it makes a difference in our prayer lives. It’s important to go beyond belief because we will encounter many obstacles in life that will test our faith. Certain situations can cause us to become vexed by what we see and hear, but none of that changes who God is, “Just because you’re surrounded by people who are not conditioned to receive your truth doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

We have to allow our light to shine and we do that by stepping back from self, “…letting [your light] shine requires humbleness, decorum, respectability…” When we try to force others to believe and accept the report, we are trying to make our light shine. Understand there is no need to fight over an issue because as along as God is for us, nothing can stand against us.

Let us not be guilty of going through the motions of church and actively pursue Christ instead, “Just because you call on Him doesn’t mean you’re connected to Him.” We have to face Jesus after this. Will you be prepared to face Him? “Getting started is the first thing, but you have to do more than get started.” If you have accepted Him, that’s wonderful but what are you doing now? Are you working to draw closer to Him or have you simply stopped at just believing? “Spiritual growth is more important than physical growth…” We should all be growing from since when we first claimed Christ as our Savior.

We should be working in the assignments God has given us to do, “Every person God called didn’t know what they were doing, but they had faith…” Dying to ourselves is essential in order for us to obtain eternal life. Many will never know the process you had to go through to get where God has for you to be. Sometimes things can seem very grave, but stand firm in His Word, “Just like God uses people, Satan uses people to block you from your blessing… You’re mad at the person when you ought to be praying over the spirit controlling that person.”

God will restore and He will raise you up, increasing you in the midst of those who thought they finished you off. All you have to do is trust Him and continue to move forward knowing He’s got it all under control.

Using artistry to empower the Kingdom

NOW PRESENTING OUR FEATURE: “Nothing I Can’t Do” (Choreographed Dance)


Dancers Keone Madrid, Vinh Nguyen and Brian “BAM” Martin came together to create a wonderful Hip-Hop routine to rapper Tedashii’s song Nothing I Can’t Do. The dance video was recognized by Tedashii’s label Reach Records and was posted on their YouTube channel two years ago. As of today it has over 500,000 views. The precision and style is overwhelming marvelous and I thoroughly enjoy watching it. Click the link down below and see for yourself:

Nothing I Can’t Do (Choreographed Dance)

Events, announcements for September

Dates will occasionally be added to the calendar

  • Sept. 4: 32 Annual Labor Day Classic, PVAMU, Prairie View, Texas
  • Sept. 12: Sister Jasmine’s Birthday
  • Sept. 25: 4th Sundays “The Remedy,” 5 p.m., Temple of Refuge

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