(Oct. 21) Vol. 6, No. 24

Blind Ambition


This week I wanted to share how I was almost swept away by my desperate need for accomplishment. I hope anyone feeling unsuccessful or as though they’re a failure will read this and be encouraged by it. I know what it feels like to have high hopes for yourself and yet not be anywhere close to where you desire to be. I’m remembering, however, what it means to be content knowing Christ has you exactly where you need to be.

Don’t allow excuses to keep you for pursuing after the visions and passions God has given you, but be careful you don’t let those things take precedence over Him.

Blind Ambition

Local news in the area

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Sunday sermons, Wednesday messages

Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016, “Fight the Good Fight (Ephesians 6:12)”


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph. 6:12 KJV)

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Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, “Hungry (Matthew 5:6)”


MEMORY VERSE: “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.” (Mt. 5:6 KJV)

As believers, we should have a spiritual hunger for Christ. If we truly desire to draw closer to Him, then we should be pursuing Him in our daily living. “the things we want the most are what we work for the most.” Your desires are made evident by your actions, and what you put your effort and energy into. “Everybody has a desire to do something. What is it that you desire?”

If you want something from God then you will actively pursue Him for it. Whether it be a better prayer life, a compassion heart or the changing of your mindset, you will come to the Father and ask. “If you don’t want anything you don’t pray for anything…If you want a better prayer life you would at least pray for that.” If your actions aren’t lining up with what you’re saying, then perhaps it’s time for some self reflection, “Your hunger shapes your activity… Do you truly have a desire for [whatever you desire spiritually] if you’re not doing anything to work toward it?”

In pursuing God, consistency is everything. “Doing something once or twice doesn’t change your mindset.” It takes consistency in changing bad eating habits to develop a healthy lifestyle. You will need that same drive to push through if you want to truly grow in God; only then will it begin to show in the natural. In order for things to change you have to be willing to do things differently. We stop settling for being good or good enough and strive to be godly.

Ask yourself, what am I feeding myself spiritually? Whatever you take in, naturally or spiritually, affects you in the long run, “If all you’re taking in is junk, your desire will change to junk… We have to be careful what we feed ourselves spiritually.” Perhaps you rather watch television than study some scriptures. Maybe you’d prefer talking on the phone or browsing around social media instead of praying. These are things to watch out for.

“When you’re hungry for God it leads you to do things you wouldn’t normally do just to please Him.” In order to develop a spiritual hunger it means you’ll need to pray, fellowship with Him and get in His Word. Having a spiritual hunger also means you are willing to grow stronger in the area where you’re weakest, “There’s nothing you desire in God that you cannot have… Be willing to move yourself.” Take delight in the Lord and push yourself to be active in Christ.

Using artistry to empower the Kingdom



I had the pleasure of meeting this young man while working at Kids Across America last summer. I knew he was a photographer, he took pictures of the campers and he seemed like a pretty stellar dude. It wasn’t until I friended him on social media that I found out about how good he is behind the lens.

(Via Instagram) taken at Baylor University

You could say that Eddie takes photos of the day-to-day things he sees. He captures the beauty and splendor of things we tend to ignore in the busy shuffle of life. This awesome man of faith currently works as a creative assistant at Sterling College, but he also does freelance work. If you’d like to hire him or simply see more of his stunning artwork, go to his website: eddieadesodun.com.

Next up is Rapzilla.com founder Philip Rood.


I always knew of Rood as the music guy, seeing as he works with one of the largest and widely popular online Christian Hip-Hop magazines to date (if I do say so myself.) Rapzilla has earned its reputation of being a source for finding quality music glorifying Christ done by quality artists. I knew that he was one of the people behind that. What I didn’t know, however, was that he has a knack for photography.

(Via Instagram) taken while at the Congo

He has being doing photography since 2007 (talk about me being late to the party!) I happened to stumble across his work one day when he was posting up some of the photos he’s shot. Needless to say, I was blown away. It’s hard to describe it, but I’d say his photos are still shots, yet they’re alive and moving. To view his portfolio, you can go to philiprood.com.

If you’d like to follow them on Instagram, Eddie’s is @0ctb3r and Rood’s is @philiprood.

If you would like to be considered for a feature in The Art Gallery or if you know someone else who does amazing work for Christ, please email me at: tor_cogic@yahoo.com

Events, announcements for the month of October

Dates will occasionally be added to the calendar

  • Oct. 1: State Fair Classic, Dallas, Texas
  • Oct. 2-8: PVAMU Homecoming Week
  • Oct. 23: “The Remedy,” 5 p.m., Prairie View, Texas
  • Oct. 30: Brother Cam’s Birthday
  • Oct. 31: Sister Consuela’s Birthday

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