(Oct. 28) Vol. 6, No. 25

Silent Screams


For as long as I can remember, I have been the shy and quite type. I tend to keep to myself and I generally don’t start up conversation with people I don’t know. Every now and then, if they seem as nervous as I do, I’ll try to engage them and make them feel comfortable or at ease. This is because I know how it is to feel awkward and nervous. Other than that, I don’t speak to people I don’t know (unless of course they greet me…because that’s just rude to not say something when someone tells you hello.)

But when it came to being in situations where I had to engage with large groups of people I was always horrified and panicked. This week I want to tell you about a recent episode I had that made me decide I can’t let my fear hold me back.

Silent Screams

Local news in the area

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Sunday sermons, Wednesday messages

Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016, “God Is Not Dead (Psalm 121:1-2)”
This week’s sermon was not recorded

Christ came down to earth to give His life for man. He sacrificed Himself for us on the cross, rose from the grave and will one day return for us all. This is the Gospel. “I must prepare for when He’ll come, which is at any moment. If you know He’s coming at any moment then shouldn’t we treat each other better?” There is always going to be an enemy in your life, but that doesn’t stop God from being who He is. The bottom line is that we all will be held accountable for how we have lived on earth. It’s not so much about what happens or what is done to us, but about how we handle it, “Even if you have to stand alone, you have to be for what’s right—if you know He’s not dead.” Can you still stand for Christ when they persecute you on your job? Will you still live according to His Word when it seems like the opposition is pulling ahead?

“We know God is not dead, but is He living in your life?” Life can be difficult, but how we react to things proves whether or not the Lord thrives in our own lives. If you’re going to be for Him, be for Him. Don’t walk away from God, live however you want to, and still expect to be blessed. “Regardless of how difficult things get, God is going to find a glimmer of light.” As long as we have Jesus, we will always have hope. Don’t give up on Him.


Too often we look everywhere for answers except God. Christ has already accepted us, so why do we spend so energy into trying to be accepted by people? “Sometimes it takes you going through some things to get you to realize your focus is off… God made everything. So why are you looking to everything else?”

Knowing God isn’t dead means you don’t climb your mountains; you speak to them. You recognize that you have authority and you don’t have to put up with the enemy wrecking havoc over you. “…you don’t ask the enemy to leave; you kick him out.” It’s the Word, however, that gives us the hope and the strength to overcome. Without it we’re powerless. “Nothing can separate you from God except the choices you make.” Choose Christ.

By positioning ourselves in God, our focus stays on Him. Your relationship has to be a personal one. You have to hold yourself accountable. “When you live the life you don’t have to tell anybody you’re saved… You have to speak and live like God is yet in control.” Don’t get caught up in the things you see going wrong around you, “…understand that God needs you to go through this for a reason.” Faith is about trusting God to take care of it and moving forward knowing it will be done. You can’t move forward in faith if you only move on what you can see.

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016, “A Word of Encouragement (Psalm 27:1)”


MEMORY VERSE: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Ps. 27:1 KJV)

“New challenges aren’t really new when I know who God is in my life.” Sometimes we find ourselves fearful because we’re facing a brand new obstacle. We forget who it was that got us through the last ten we came up against and who it will be to get us through the next one. As a result, we allow fear to paralyze us, Fear will have you pass up on a opportunity… You are influenced by so many things, but you’re not trusting whatever’s in you.”

You cannot allow fear to rule over you. It will cause you to become doubtful, to stop moving in Jesus and bring everything to a halt, “We cannot allow the enemy to steal our dreams to mess with our minds… Don’t let fear cripple you. God is enough to overcome whatever you’re lacking.”

People can talk about you all they want, but it doesn’t negate what God has already spoken over you. “The enemy’s job is to keep our eyes off of God… Why not talk about what’s going right in your life rather than what’s going wrong?” The Lord is the one we must answer to therefore no matter what is going on we must continue to live for Him.

“You cannot expect to go into a fight and not get hit.” A champion knows they’ll get hit, but they go into the fight ready to win. “When you know whose you are there’s no time for fear.” Too often though we fight the wrong fights; we’ll fight everyone but the devil. Know that God is with you and you are victorious in Him, “It’s okay to be afraid. Being afraid brings out greatness; fear brings out cowardice.”

Using artistry to empower the Kingdom


Sorry—there aren’t any features this week!

If you would like to be considered for a feature in The Art Gallery or if you know someone else who does amazing work for Christ, please email me at: tor_cogic@yahoo.com

Events, announcements for the month of October

Dates will occasionally be added to the calendar

  • Oct. 1: State Fair Classic, Dallas, Texas
  • Oct. 2-8: PVAMU Homecoming Week
  • Oct. 23: “The Remedy,” 5 p.m., Prairie View, Texas
  • Oct. 30: Brother Cam’s Birthday
  • Oct. 31: Sister Consuela’s Birthday

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