(Dec. 9) Vol. 6, No. 29

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR The Editing Process Well everyone this will be the last issue for 2016. The first issue of Safe Haven for 2017 will be January 20. For this last issue I reflected on where I am, the frustration I feel from being in the same place I’ve been at for awhile and the […]

Monthly Tidbit for December

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8 KJV) God is not saying that only those who are perfect will see Him. Instead, what Jesus is telling us is that by striving to have a clean, pure heart we will spend our days in paradise with Him. You can’t have a […]

(Dec. 2) Vol. 6, No. 28

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Strangled (Poem) This time around I decided I would write a poem. It was inspired by this month’s Monthly Tidbit. After the Lord gave me the scripture, it struck a cord in me. I felt the need to write it all down shortly after that. I’ll be doing a blog post […]