(April 21) Vol. 7, No. 12

The River Walk—It Is Not About Falling

Unfortunately I don’t have anything written this week, but I did find a devotional on love that is a great read. For those of you who are in search of devotionals, I recommend reading the ones on The River Walk’s blog. They help you to read the Bible throughout the year while giving you short but insightful devos to study.

Photo taken from theriverwalk.org

The River Walk: It Is Not About Falling

Happenings with the church and abroad

Here’s the latest news to date:

  • Prairie View A&M University’s athletic department recognized their student athletes at the annual All-Sports Banquet on Thursday night. Congratulations to all of those who received top honors.

The fundraiser to build the bathroom is currently on hold, but donations are still appreciated. We need $6000 to begin construction; $4000 has been collected so far.

To make a donation, please go to ktorradio.com and click on the donate button on the top right of the homepage.

Sunday sermons, Wednesday messages

Sunday, April 16, 2017 “The Resurrection Makes the Difference (I Cor. 15:55; I Peter 3:18-20)”

Photo source: livelovegod.wordpress.com

“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (I Cor. 15:55 KJV)

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017, “We All Matter (Luke 15:10)

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MEMORY VERSE: “Likewise I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of angles of God over one sinner that repenteth.” (Lk. 15:10)

Sometimes we are guilty of condeming people to hell. We don’t think they are worthy or deserving of God’s grace and mercy when in fact one is; that’s what makes His love for us all the more special. Anyone who comes to God with a repentant heart can be changed. “The difference between Satan and man is that Satan refuses to repent.” There is hope for those who seek repentance.

The scripture tells us that the angels are joyful when one repents because whatever brings joy to God brings joy to them. “If it brings joy to God, it ought to bring joy to you… That’s why we can rejoice over someone’s breakthrough.” When someone gets delivered, you should be excited. When someone gets a come up, it ought to make you happy—not envious.

We must remember that we are in a war and we are fighting for our souls, “The war is not about you, but about getting away from the clutches of Satan… Your soul matters to God—He wants you free, but do you want to be free?” The devil attacks us heavily to make us give up. He loves it when we are in discord, when we isolate ourselves from the body and drift away because then we are easy pickings. “You were not designed to be a goat, but sheep and sheep belong together.”

There are times when we get ahead of Jesus. We know He promised us certain things, but we can’t get impatient because it didn’t happen in the timeframe we wanted. “If your promise hasn’t come yet, then that means you still have something to live for.” If you know what the Lord has spoken over you, and you know that He is God, hold and trust in the report, “Jesus knows you’re tired and you’re frustrated; you have to hold on.”

True repentance requires humility and humbleness. You can’t be quick to judge everyone else and fail to receive criticism for where you’ve fallen short. Learn to listen and strive to improve, “Don’t try to dissect what someone isn’t doing right…take in what you’re not doing right and work towards improving.”

Using artistry to empower the Kingdom


by Jacqueline S. Sadberry
Editor in Chief

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Photo source: worshipgifs.com (via Tumblr)

Today’s piece is just a reminder to remember who are we have been called to represent. Hating someone because of their race, sexuality, etc. is not of God. Despite however you feel about them, remember that Jesus loves them, too. Therefore give love, not hate.

Events, announcements for the month of April

Dates will occasionally be added to the calendar

  • April 7: Brother Philip’s Birthday
  • April 16: Easter Sunday
  • April 23: “The Remedy,” Poetry Nights, 5PM
  • April 28: Mother Sadberry’s Birthday

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