(May 5) Vol. 6, No. 14


Woman-Stink Face

A recent experience has inspired me to start up a women’s health blog. I plan to get started on it later in the year. Women’s health is a serious issue and often times we allow ourselves as women to be silenced out of fear of ridicule or judgement. Opening up about our problems helps brings us together and educates us—or at least it should. I’ve decided not to shy away from the subject anymore and share a bit of what I’ve been dealing with for a few years now. I hope to encourage other women to do the same.


Happenings with the church and abroad

Here’s the latest news to date:

  • Safe travels to one of the TOR family who is in Israel right now. Pray with us for traveling grace!

The fundraiser to build the bathroom is currently on hold, but donations are still appreciated. We need $6000 to begin construction; $4000 has been collected so far.

To make a donation, please go to ktorradio.com and click on the donate button on the top right of the homepage.

“Sunday sermons, Wednesday messages”

Sunday, April 30, 2017, “Faith Is My Ticket (Hebrews 11:1-6)


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb. 11:1 KJV)

God never fails. He is always there working in our favor, always looking out for us. God doesn’t take back His promises and He doesn’t go back on His Word; the question is do we believe that to be true? “Your faith should have us trust that it’s done.”

Walking in faith is a process and it isn’t something that happens overnight. When He gives us an assignment or dream, however, it will always seem crazy to those looking in from the outside. “We trust the man before we trust the Spirit…” People will talk us into aborting something Christ has planted in us—if we let them. Regardless of what it looks like, keep walking forward. “You faith tells you to hold on, even when it looks hopeless.” Every gift and talent we have is from the Lord, but we have to be willing to put it together. Things don’t happen magically; God presents us with an opportunity; it’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunities set before us.

Coming together as brothers and sisters in the faith is very necessary, “we assemble ourselves together to encourage one another through faith… Every last one of us needs to be connected; not just physically but spiritually through faith.” Consistency is key to any faith walk though, “It’s amazing how if you just stay consistent your faith grows…” By yourself, the process might be incredibly slow, but when you link up with someone else things can move a bit faster, “That’s why it’s dangerous to think you can make it on your own.”

Jesus should never be our last resort, “Our faith ought to have a steady flow… You don’t just call Him when you want something,” but it should be something you do just because. We also have to stop thinking negatively, “…sometimes we can worry ourselves into damnation.” In regards to people, we should have enough faith to let the Lord handle it. “You can’t get upset over people not speaking to you… We are supposed to move forward and make things happen.”

By moving forward and going forth with what God gave you, people will see it and begin to sow into the vision, “You might have limited resources, but Christ is trying to show you who He is… The problem is everyone wants to be great, but [they] don’t want to go through the process to be great.” Greatness requires discipline, which requires faith, “People who don’t have discipline don’t see what God has put in you.”

Out of the twelve spies sent out to search the land, only Caleb and one other person believed the report. If you look at that percentage-wise, 84 percent said it couldn’t be done, “84 percent of the people connected to you right now are the reason why you haven’t moved. God has shown it to you and you still won’t move forward… You can’t even pray for someone if you don’t think He’s able.” Do not allow yourself to become a statue in the comfort zone, wasting away spiritually because of your lack of faith.

Unfortunately this sermon was not recorded, but you can go to ktorradio.com and listen to previous ones.

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No bible study was held due to severe weather

Using artistry to empower the Kingdom


by Jacqueline S. Sadberry
Editor in Chief

May 5-Art Gallery.png

Just a little something I found on Tumblr. Have a great weekend!

Events, announcements for the month of April

Dates will occasionally be added to the calendar

  • May 28: “The Remedy” Poetry Nights, 5PM

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