(Nov. 17) Vol. 7, No. 20

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Reconstruction: Weather Delays God always sends me reminders when I need them most. I hit a low while I was at kamp and I’ve hit a low once again, but thank God for freedom in Christ. The freedom to get back up, to start over and to fight through whatever […]

(Oct. 20) Vol. 7, No. 19

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Reconstruction: Setting Foundations For the second part of this series, I share how a case where I was tardy to bible study proved that I needed more structure in my life. There is no such things as a lazy disciple: Reconstruction: Setting Foundations Also, tomorrow I will be performing at […]

(Oct. 6) Vol. 7, No. 18

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Reconstruction: Blueprint This week you’ll be reading part 1 of the¬†Reconstruction series. In¬†Blueprint, I reflect upon my pompousness and how I was stuck in the past. It’s important to remember where you came from and how far God has brought you. It’s also equally as important to go into each […]

(Sept. 22) Vol. 7, No. 17

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Reconstruction: Ground Zero Today is the intro for my five part series¬†Reconstruction. As I may have mentioned previously, I had a wonderful time this year at Kids Across America and I acquired so much spiritually that I felt it’d only be right to share it: my experience, the ups and […]

(May 12) Vol. 7, No. 15

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Lord Out Loud, “Hope Deferred” I read an amazing article on the blog lordoutloud.wordpress.com and I decided it would be good to share it. It takes about the importance behind waiting on God’s promises and the good that comes out of it; the things we learn in the midst of […]

(May 5) Vol. 6, No. 14

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Taboo A recent experience has inspired me to start up a women’s health blog. I plan to get started on it later in the year. Women’s health is a serious issue and often times we allow ourselves as women to be silenced out of fear of ridicule or judgement. Opening […]

(April 28) Vol. 7, No. 13

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Tiny Thoughts I wrote a poem for Child Abuse Awareness month. As you all may be aware, I mentioned wanting to do a piece every week, but I decided that I just didn’t know enough on the subject to do so. Therefore I only wrote the one poem, but I […]